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Tyre repair is one of the best and most cost-effective solutions to replacing tyres following a puncture or any other damage. However, if the tyres on your vehicle have some major damage like a laceration or a puncture in the sidewall or shoulder blocks, repairing becomes difficult. If you encounter such a situation, visit an authorised workshop that specialises in tyre major repair services.

Bath Lane Garage offers high-quality tyre major repair Mansfield using technologically advanced tools. We conduct tyre repairs following all legal guidelines (BS AU 159) to ensure the safety of our clients.

Further, our professionals are experts in repairing major tyre damages and have considerable experience. They will offer you effective solutions within a minimum turn-around time.

Why are sidewall damages hard to repair?

Punctures or cuts on the sidewalls are not at all safe to repair by conventional tyre repairing methods due to various factors, like:

  • In pneumatic vehicle tyres, the sidewall is under much more stress than the central position of the tyre. Hence, repairing the sidewall will affect the structural integrity, leading to a risk of accidents.
  • The sidewalls of a tyre constantly flex while it rolls. Therefore, any conventional patchwork repair is less likely to stay in place.
  • Patchwork repair can also lead to leakage in the long run, thereby reducing car handling stability.

Vehicle owners, therefore, must come down to us for a specialised tyre major repair Mansfield. We use the advanced vulcanising technique to assure a better and more durable fix for the damaged portion.

About our major tyre repair vulcanising technique

We offer major tyre vulcanising repair services to efficiently mend damages on the sidewall or the main shoulder blocks of a tyre. The vulcanising technique repairs damages on large commercial and agricultural tyres with reinforced sidewalls, custom-built to carry heavier loads.

Our vulcanising major tyre repair Mansfield consists of the following steps:

  • Our experts will first inspect the damaged area of the tyre.
  • Next, they will cut out the damaged portion completely.
  • Following this, they attach a reinforced repair patch to the cut-out region.
  • After this, our experts will weld the patch with rubber, sulphur and some advanced chemicals at optimum heat and pressure to ensure the patch is permanent.
  • Finally, we will carry out additional safety checks to ensure accurate results.

The advanced chemical bonding process guarantees a permanent fix to the tyre damage and will ensure the tyre's structural integrity remains unharmed post-repair. It will offer you driving safety and a stable car handling experience.

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