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Are you looking for Shock Absorbers for your vehicle?

Shock absorbers do exactly as the name implies - they absorb the energy generated by your car on hitting any on-road obstacle. When the wheels hit a bump or fall into a pothole, they work to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Over time, these knocks and bumps result in the shock absorbers getting worn out. Consequently, they will need timely replacement. Otherwise, the ride comfort will continue to deteriorate, and you will notice worrying signs like bumpy rides and banging noises. Consider them a sign to look for a replacement for the shock absorbers Mansfield.

Bath Lane Garage is a reliable car service station, well-known for its high-quality yet affordable services in and around Mansfield. We have a team of specialised professionals with experience in repairing all makes and models of vehicles. We also offer OE-grade replacements for parts like shock absorbers Mansfield at reasonable rates.

Causes of damaged shock absorbers

Besides normal wear and tear, the following conditions can have you looking for shock absorber repairs Mansfield sooner than usual:

  • Driving over bumps and potholes
  • Driving on misaligned wheels
  • Faulty tyre pressure
  • Damaged car wheels
  • Broken control arm
  • Frequently driving on rough terrain, etc.

Symptoms of defective shock absorbers

The following are a few clear indications that your car needs shock absorbers Mansfield from a professional facility like ours.

Longer stopping distance: Besides brake-related problems, damaged front shock absorbers can also increase the braking distance. As the front shocks play an important role in weight distribution and prevent the weight from going forward, you will need replacements soon.

Swerving or nose-diving motion: Worn-out valves or piston seals inside the shock absorbers can cause the fluid motion to become uncontrolled, resulting in extreme movement of the piston on applying the brakes.

Knocking sounds when driving over bumps: Damaged shock absorbers will hinder vehicle motion; if your car makes a knocking sound and judders hard up and down, it has defective shock absorbers.

Cracked bushing: The shock absorbers have attachment points with rubber bushings. If these crack, you will hear a tapping noise whenever your vehicle drives over bumps.

Have you detected any of the above symptoms?

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