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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

To end your search for the ‘best summer car check garage near me’, drive down to Bath Lane Garage!

Our trained staff will thoroughly check the car components like brakes, batteries, tyres, air-conditioner, etc., to ensure you experience smooth driving and improved handling during summers.

What do we include in our car summer check Mansfield?

Air conditioner

One of the most crucial elements during summers is the optimum functioning of your car's AC. We check the refrigerant level and offer a top-up if necessary to ensure your driving comfort. We also inspect the condenser, evaporator, compressor and other air conditioner components.


During summers, higher temperatures can affect the tyre pressure and increase tread wear. We inspect the tread depth (a legal minimum of 1.6mm) and tyre pressure to inflate or deflate the tyres accordingly.


If you are experiencing a problem with your car’s ignition (in starting your vehicle), it is time to visit a reliable garage like ours for battery inspection. Our experts will inspect your car battery, wirings, charging system, cables, etc.


It is necessary to check the braking system once the summer is around the corner. We will inspect the braking components like brake pads, discs, etc., to ensure they are free from damages.

Other checks that we include in our car summer check in Mansfield:

  • Windscreen wiper
  • Engine oil, etc.

So, if you are looking to get a car summer check Mansfield, rely on us, Bath Lane Garage!

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