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Are you looking for Free Tyre Check for your vehicle?

Driving at high speed, incorrect tyre pressure, and overloading the vehicle are among some common factors adversely affecting the condition of tyres. A free tyre check can help spot several issues, thereby keeping major problems away and ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

If you are looking for a tyre check, visit Bath Lane Garage to save the time you would spend searching for a 'tyre checker near me'.

We offer free tyre check Mansfield. Visit us anytime during business hours; you do not need any prior appointment for this.

What do we cover in our free tyre check Mansfield?

Our experts check the following parameters during a free tyre check:

  • Tread depth
  • Tyre wear and damage – includes inspecting the bulges or damage to the sidewall, checking for cracks, etc.
  • Tyre pressure

Our tyre specialists inspect the tyre pressure and inflate/deflate the tyres if necessary as per the manufacturer recommendations.

Please note that if the tyres are damaged severely, our experts will recommend a replacement. You can easily take your pick from our comprehensive inventory.

How deep should a tyre tread be?

Tyre tread depth inspection is an integral part of our tyre health check. In the UK, the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6 mm. However, it would be ideal to use tyres having at least 3 mm of tread depth for reliable driving comfort and handling safety.

Regardless of the type of vehicle or the category of tyres installed on your car, you can turn to us for a free tyre check Mansfield.

So, head straight to our address if you are looking for a tyre safety check Mansfield. Alternatively, you can also reach us by dialling 01623 836000 or drop a mail at!

We are at Stanton Works, Bath Lane, Mansfield Notts. NG182BZ, Nottingham.

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