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Are you looking for Steering Repair for your vehicle?


Does the steering wheel in your car vibrate unusually? Or, does your car make a screeching noise when taking turns?

A car's steering comes connected to important systems like the suspension assembly, and even the smallest of issues can lead to the symptoms mentioned above. Obstacles like speed bumps and potholes can easily knock the steering rack out of alignment and damage various components, thus leading to an uncomfortable driving experience and an expensive repair bill in the worst cases.

Regular maintenance and service of the steering system will, on the other hand, keep you safe on the road. So, when you need a steering check or power steering replacement Mansfield , do not hesitate to visit Bath Lane Garage.

We have a team of highly trained professionals with years of experience in repairing both manual and power steering racks for all sorts of vehicles. They also have access to advanced tools and machinery that helps them conduct the best quality repairs at affordable costs.

To book a slot for steering repair Mansfield with us, call 01623 836000.

Some steering system components we examine

Before performing any service, we thoroughly check all of the following components:

  • Power steering pump
  • Steering yoke
  • Steering wheel
  • Ball joints
  • Steering column/shaft
  • Rack and pinion
  • Steering gear
  • Drag link
  • Stub axle, etc.

We provide OE-grade power steering replacement Mansfield at affordable prices so that you never have to look elsewhere for high-quality parts.

When should you get a steering system check?

Our experts recommend getting a steering repair Mansfield every 50,000 miles. Depending on your usage patterns, road conditions, vehicle model and other factors, this number can be higher or lower.

You may also need steering system inspections if you notice any of the following warning signs.

Loose steering wheel: This is most likely due to worn-out steering racks, columns, gears or tie rods. If the steering wheel does not return to the central position whenever you let it go, it is a definite sign of a problem.

Leaking steering fluid: A broken gasket or other loose-fitting parts can cause leakage of the steering fluid; failure to address this at the earliest could damage the steering rack gears due to excess heat.

Discoloured steering fluid: If the leaked steering fluid appears foamy or discoloured, it could be a sign of water entering the fluid and hindering the lubrication.

Steering wheel vibration: Faulty or worn-out tie rods can cause the whole car to vibrate when you accelerate or turn a corner.

It is time you end your search for a ‘steering check near me’ with our garage. Drive to our facility at Bath Lane, Stanton Works, Mansfield, NG18 2BZ. We promise you affordable repairs.

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