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Hybrid vehicles are different from conventional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. These vehicles employ advanced technology and feature an internal combustion engine and an electric motor; both derive power from the energy stored in batteries.

Hybrid vehicles have become excessively popular in the UK and will possibly capture the whole market soon. However, not every workshop in the UK possesses the expertise to cater to hybrid vehicles Service Mansfield . Therefore, hybrid car owners must visit a specialist workshop like ours.

We, Bath Lane Garage, are among the few garages offering cost-effective and efficient hybrid vehicle services Mansfield. Our experts are meticulously trained, as per industry best standards in hybrid-vehicle repair work and cater to diverse repair and replacement needs.

Furthermore, we are also equipped with all the latest machinery specifically customised for hybrid vehicles that enhance our service precision and accuracy.

A quick overview of our hybrid vehicle services

At our workshop, we offer you a range of hybrid vehicle service Mansfield like:


Unlike standard fuel-powered vehicles, hybrid vehicle batteries are more powerful and have a different charging system. Our experts possess the essential skills to offer a comprehensive solution for all battery-related issues. They thoroughly inspect the cables, terminals, charging system etc., and carry out necessary repairs and replacements to ensure you enjoy a hassle-free driving experience.


A hybrid vehicle derives power from an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. This system is different from conventional diesel or petrol-powered vehicles and requires specialised inspection and care. Our experts have an extensive understanding of this latest technology and will perform a detailed engine inspection of hybrid vehicles to offer prompt solutions.


Hybrid vehicles generally have an electronic braking system and require specialised inspection and servicing. Our experts have considerable experience in dealing with the issues of hybrid vehicles’ braking systems. Therefore, they offer precise inspection and effective repairs and replacement solutions with advanced tools and genuine OE-grade spares.

Apart from this, our hybrid vehicle service Mansfield also cover:

  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Suspension check
  • Electrical component checks
  • Air-con check
  • Steering inspection and more

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