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Are you looking for Free Pressure Check for your vehicle?

The manufacturer-recommended tyre pressure is crucial for your car to run smoothly. Driving a vehicle with incorrect tyre pressure can be dangerous as it increases the stopping distance and chances of a blowout.

Avoid such risky circumstances by driving to Bath Lane Garage for a free tyre pressure check Mansfield. Our experienced and friendly professionals will inspect your car’s tyre pressure with the help of advanced pressure gauges.

You can choose to book a prior appointment or directly visit us during business hours for a free tyre pressure check Mansfield.

How do we rectify tyre pressure?

  • First, we ensure that your car tyres are cold or the vehicle is on rest or parked for 3 hours. Next, our task is to check whether the tyre pressure matches the recommended level per the owner’s manual or the tyre placard.
  • We record the tyre pressure with the help of our advanced pressure gauge.
  • We then inflate or deflate the tyre accordingly.

What are the causes of inaccurate tyre pressure?

  • Punctures due to driving over potholes or glass shards
  • Temperature change
  • Fault in the tyre valves
  • Damaged rims, etc.

Why is a tyre pressure check important?

Optimal tyre pressure is necessary to improve the vehicle handling performance, increase fuel economy and tyre longevity and maintain your overall driving safety.

The car tyre pressure differs with each model. You can find your car’s correct tyre pressure value mentioned in the owner’s manual, printed on the driver’s side door or inside the fuel cap. Most passenger car tyres have 32 psi to 35 psi of pressure when the units are cold. However, neglecting under-inflated or over-inflated tyres can be dangerous.

Regardless, you can now end your search for ‘free tyre pressure check Mansfield’ with Bath Lane Garage.

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