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Engine head gaskets

An engine head gasket is a crucial component between the cylinder and the engine block. It is an integral part of the internal combustion system and is specifically customised to prevent engine oil and coolant leakage into the cylinder. Any damage or leak in the gasket can lead to poor engine performance and cause overheating.

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What are the potential dangers of a blown head gasket?

A blown or damaged head gasket leads to several severe consequences like:

  • Excessive overheating of the engine- Leakage of coolant into the cylinder due to broken head gasket leads to engine over-heating and hampers engine performance.
  • Engine misfires- A blown head gasket causes the combustion gas to escape from the cylinder, therefore, leading to an engine misfire.
  • Poor acceleration- A damaged head-gasket severely impairs engine performance and consequently affects your vehicle's accelerating property, leading to poor performance.

To avoid such severe consequences, car owners must be extremely cautious about the warning signs of the damaged head gasket and visit us without delay to undertake an engine gasket replacement Mansfield.

What are the warning signs of a broken head gasket?

Listed below are some of the distinct warning signs that your car will exhibit if its head gasket is damaged:

White smoke from the exhaust tailpipe

A damaged head gasket fails to prevent the engine oil from passing into the cylinder. Consequently, the engine oil gets mixed with combustion fuel and burns out during the combustion process leading to white smoke from the exhaust.

Milky white engine oil

A blown head gasket fails at preventing the mixing of the engine oil and coolant. This contamination leads to a milky white colouration of the engine oil which is noticeable around the dipstick or engine oil filler cap.

A visible sign of coolant leakage

When a head gasket is damaged, you can spot some coolant leakage in the engine block. If you notice this symptom, you must visit our workshop for a detailed engine gasket check Mansfield without any delay.

Why visit us?

We are a reliable garage for engine head gaskets replacement Mansfield offering you a comprehensive service following industry-best standards.

We use a cutting edge pressure gauge to efficiently perform the compression test and inspect leakage in your vehicle's head gasket accurately. Since it is not technically sound to repair the head gasket, we will replace the damaged head gasket of your cars with new O.E.-grade spares for enhanced safety.

Furthermore, we never use head-gasket sealers as it can lead to severe problems in the future.

Therefore search no further for ‘engine head gasket repair near me’ and visit us.

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