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Are you looking for Air Conditioning for your vehicle?

At Bath Lane Garage, we provide AC maintenance services and repairs/replacements as per the requirement. We can also conduct full-antibacterial duct cleaning services and refrigerant top-ups at affordable rates.

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Signs of a malfunctioning vehicle AC

A faulty AC system in your vehicle might show the following symptoms:

Reduced cooling: The cooling capacity of a car air-con system can diminish if the condenser gets clogged or the compressor is damaged.

It might also occur due to a lack of refrigerant in the system. If you are looking for a car air con regas Mansfield, reach us for expert services.

Foul odour: Vehicle air conditioners can emit a foul odour, mostly due to mould or bacterial growth. It can pose a severe health hazard for you and your co-passengers.

Unusual noise: If you hear loud noises from the car AC, you must go for a professional check. Such noises indicate problems with the compressor bearing or the blower fan assembly.

Water sipping inside the car: The car AC system comes with a design to drain the water outside. If you notice the AC system with water leakage inside the vehicle, it requires urgent professional attention. It usually happens when the water line gets clogged.

Why opt for our car AC repair services Mansfield?

We provide a wide range of air-con checks and examinations that include:

  • Output temperature checks
  • Refrigerant gas level, compressor and blower fan inspection
  • Checking issues with faulty switches, wires, and fuses
  • Examining clogged hoses, drainage pipes and ducts
  • System pressure check, etc.

After thorough checks, our qualified technicians diagnose the underlying issues and provide the necessary solutions at an affordable price.

So, reach us to end your search for ‘car AC repairing services near me’.

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