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Are you looking for Clutch Repair Services for your vehicle?


Are you looking for Clutch Replacement Mansfield?

Depending on the make and model of a vehicle, the clutch can last anywhere between 50,000 miles and 1,00,000 miles. The driving habits also come into the picture while determining the lifespan of a clutch assembly.

Are you looking for professional clutch repair Mansfield or feel unsure about the condition of the clutch assembly on your car? Opt for our services at Bath Lane Garage and save valuable time on your search for a ‘clutch servicing garage near me’.

Rest assured as our friendly and competent experts carefully inspect the various clutch components. They will suggest a replacement only if required.

Clutch assembly components we check

  • Cable: Connects the fork and clutch pedal
  • Linkage: Connects pressure plate to fork
  • Pressure Plate: Links to the clutch disc
  • Flywheel: Connects to the vehicle engine
  • Pilot bearing: Links clutch disc and input shaft
  • Clutch disc: Connects to the transmission
  • Release mechanism (hydraulic or mechanical)
  • Release bearing
  • Clutch fork

Symptoms of a failing clutch

If you notice any of these, opt for our affordable clutch repair Mansfield service:

  • Spongy or soft clutch pedal
  • Difficulty in shifting gears
  • Slipping clutch
  • Burning odour
  • Sticky or stuck clutch pedal

The good news is, regardless of the problem, our clutch servicing specialists can help! Backed by years of experience, they can conduct reliable clutch servicing for any car make and model. Moreover, we use only genuine OE-grade spares for clutch replacement Mansfield.

To further add to your convenience, we also offer payment assist. Therefore, if you cannot pay the billed amount for clutch service, worry not! You can pay us in easy monthly instalments, that too interest-free!

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