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Are you looking for Tyre Repair for your vehicle?

Are you worried about your car’s damaged tyres?

If yes, we recommend refraining from the time-consuming “tyre repairing garage near me” searches and opting for high quality and affordable tyre repair Mansfield from Bath Lane Garage.

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Know a damaged tyre that is beyond repair

A particular damaged tyre is beyond repair in the following circumstances:

  • The tread depth of a tyre is less than 1.6 mm, the minimum legal limit.
  • Puncture size is equal to or greater than 6 mm in diameter.
  • The location of the puncture is in the sidewall or outer tread area.
  • Tyre’s structural integrity is compromised.
  • There is cord/bead damage (including rust), etc.

If you seek a professional service station for tyre repair Mansfield, our experts are always happy to help. They are well versed with all legal standards and the BS AU 159 protocol and strictly follow the same while conducting tyre repairs.

Our approach to tyre repair

At our tyre repairing garage Mansfield, experts follow a scientific approach comprising the steps discussed below:

  • Our tyre repair professional first removes the damaged tyre from the wheel so that its interiors or whichever portion requires repairing, be it the sidewalls, central tread or shoulder, can be inspected thoroughly.
  • Next, he will detect and remove the cause of the damage (nails, glasses, etc.) and clear out any damaged tread edges.
  • Following this, our tyre repair expert will fill the cavity using a rubber stem or an ideal vulcanising material to keep moisture out.
  • He will then seal this inner liner completely with a patch repair unit.

Once the repair is complete, our expert will carefully install the tyre on your vehicle.

Tyre repairing methods we employ

At Bath Lane Garage, we use the following tyre repair methods:

  • Plug
  • Patch
  • Plug and patch combination

So, wait no more!

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